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Satisfy Your Cravings, Support Your Cause

At YOGO Crazy, we believe in the strength of the community and the spirit of giving back. Our Fundraising Program is designed to support local charities and organizations in their mission to make a positive impact. When you partner with us, you treat yourself to delicious frozen yogurt and contribute to a worthy cause.

How It Works

Organizing a fundraiser with YOGO Crazy is a breeze! Our dedicated event coordinator will work with your group coordinator to select a date and time that suits your organization best. Fundraising events can be scheduled any day of the week from 4:00 PM until closing time on the event day, offering flexibility to fit your busy schedule.

Spreading the Word

Once the date is confirmed, we’ll email your group coordinator with all the essential details and a sign-off to ensure everything is in order.

Your charity will receive an invitation to help your organization share the fundraiser with your audience or the community.

A cup of plain yogurt with blueberry & strawberry



20% Giveback: For every purchase made with an invite, YOGO Crazy will generously donate 20% of the proceeds to your charity or organization.


It’s easy to contribute: Simply mention the organization you’re supporting when you check out!


Event Date Exclusive: Invites will only be accepted on your fundraising event’s assigned date and time.


No Solicitation: To ensure a pleasant experience for all, no handing out of invites or solicitation is allowed on or near YOGO Crazy premises before or during the event.


Fast & Convenient: Within 7 business days of the event, your organization will receive a check with the accumulated funds.


Next Fundraiser Ready: While we love supporting multiple causes, a minimum of 30 days must pass before hosting another fundraising event.

Some Frequently Asked Questions


Does someone from our organization have to be there during the fundraiser?



Can we have our fundraiser the same day Yogo runs a promotion?

Yes, but it is in your best interest to have it on another day because you will receive fewer funds from us due to the discount.

Can the invite be shown on a phone?


What if we forget our invite?

No problem, just let the cashier know you are here for fundraiser XYZ.

Are we allowed to hand invites to all guests coming into Yogo this night?

Absolutely not. Only guests specifically coming in to support your fundraiser are counted as sales. You may not patronize guests already coming for reasons other than supporting your fundraiser.

Can the customer still use their rewards cards?

YES, but again, the group receives fewer funds, so it’s in the group’s best interest, NOT to redeem rewards cards this day.

Your group would like a full-page invitation to post on a bulletin board.

Sure, no problem, just let us know.
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